class descriptions

Pre-school Classes


All classes run in 10 week increments broken up into sessions.

(Fall 1, Fall 2, Winter, Spring, Summer)

KOALAS: (30 Minutes) 18 Months – 2.5 Years Old

This introduction to the world of gymnastics is a parent/guardian participation class where Mom/Dad/Care Taker assists with the implementation of the weekly lesson plan. This 30 minute class provides a great parent/child bonding experience while at the same time setting the stage for an active and healthy life style. Our quality staff members will assist the parents with the areas of emphasis as they pertain to teaching the skills, different spotting techniques so as to insure safety, gymnastics terminology and more. Don’t worry Mom/DAD we won’t make you perform any of the skills….we leave this up to the students!

PANDAS: (45 Minutes) 2 – 3 Years Old  

This is our second level of preschool classes. The class is 45 minutes of warm-up and stretch, followed by circuits that involve all gymnastics equipment and fun props. Your child will continue to increase their motor skills, hand/eye coordination, balance and strength. They will learn basic gymnastics vocabulary and positions, and improve their ability to listen and follow directions – all while having fun! This class is a wonderful way to introduce gymnastics to your little one!

KANGAROOS: (45 Minutes) 3 – 4 Years Old

This class is for children ages 3-4 years old. Kangaroo’s classes are designed to teach the basic skills and terminology of gymnastics in a positive and fun atmosphere. Your child will learn skills like cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, various jump positions on our trampoline, swings, supports and pullovers on bars, walks on balance beam and more! This class will help your child learn how to behave and interact in a structured class setting while improving her/his physical capabilities and having fun!


Recreational Classes

 All classes run in 10 week increments broken up into sessions.

(Fall 1, Fall 2, Winter, Spring, Summer)

BEGINNER/BEGINNER 2: (55 Minutes) 6 Years Old + 

These classes are designed for children who have little to no gymnastics experience and wish to learn skills like cartwheels, round offs, forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, swings, pullovers, back hip circles, walking/jumping on balance beam, jumping and flipping off of a spring board and more! This is the first level where students get full 15 minute rotations on all of the events. Girl’s classes will focus on floor, bars, beam, vault, trampoline, foam pit and more!  

INTERMEDIATE 1/INTERMEDIATE 2: (55 Minutes) 6 Years Old +  

These Classes are designed for children who have previous gymnastics experience or have already mastered the skills taught in our beginner and beginner 2 recreational classes. Students will continue working on all apparatus and will now learn more advanced skills!   

SUPER STARS: (55 Minutes) 6 Years Old +

This class is designed for children who have mastered the skills taught in our Intermediate 2 class. Students will continue to be challenged and focus more on strength, back handsprings, cartwheels on beam, kips, jumping to the high bar and more!

HOT SHOTS: (85 Minutes) 6 Years Old +

This class is our most advanced recreational class. Sky’s the limit if you’re a Hot Shot! This class focuses on each students individual potential to ensure they are pushed to always be learning more difficult and advanced skills.

TEENASTICS: (55 Minutes) 11 Years Old +

There is no experience needed for this class. This is a fun class designed to work with girls of any ability who would like to take a gymnastics class with students closer in age to them. Our teenagers will enjoy all of the apparatus HPG has to offer!

TUMBLING: (55 Minutes) 6 Years Old +

No experience needed! Whether you want to learn a cartwheel, handstand, backbend, bridge kickover, round off, back handspring, back tuck, layouts, full twists and more this class is for you! With the use of our fully loaded spring floor, foam pit, trampoline and tumble track our highly trained staff will work with any individual’s ability to ensure improvements in your tumbling!

BOYS CLASSES: (55 Minutes) 6 Years Old +

Our boy’s classes are a great way for your energetic kids to learn gymnastics in a fun and challenging environment. Boy’s classes focus on floor, pommel horse/mushroom, rings, vault, parallel bars, high bar, trampoline, foam pit and more!  We offer Boys Beginner/Intermediate, Extreme, and Teenastics. Join today!